Me, Myself & You

As women, we're used to putting others first, whether it's our partners, children or friends. We make sure that we're there for everyone often at the expense of our own time and health.  

I've created the Me, Myself & I Box as a reminder that self care should be a priority. I'm Onika Griffith-Elliott, a wife and mother of two lively children who keep me on my toes. I'm as guilty as most people of not carving out time for myself, although it's always on my list, but life and time keeps going.  

Over  the years, I've collected items, books and quotes that made me feel good, gave me a boost and provided a constant reminder to look after myself.  One day it occured to me, that I should share similar items in a box that would inspire, pamper and uplift others.  ​

My mission is to encourage all busy women to put aside at least a few hours for themselves each month to discover new products, experiences, reflect and recharge. 

By creating the Me, Myself & I box, "me time" happens at least once a month and includes the good things in life.  Join me to make "me time" a regular event of discovery and inspiration.